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We cover an extensive range of creative projects, platforms, & campaigns with one purpose - to create memories.

At Synchronicity Charlotte, our passion extends beyond mere decoration; we curate experiences and craft moments that linger in memory. From transforming living spaces into havens of style and comfort to orchestrating captivating events that leave a lasting impression, our creative endeavors are bound by one purpose: to create unforgettable memories. Whether it's through intricate interior designs that evoke a sense of harmony or through meticulously planned campaigns that resonate with our client's vision, we dedicate ourselves to crafting experiences that enrich lives and inspire lasting connections. With every project, we strive to infuse spaces and occasions with meaning, ensuring that each memory created under our care is as timeless as it is extraordinary.

Don't just decorate; innovate your space with Synchronicity Charlotte!

Interior Design Consults, Sleepover Events, Fun Costumes and Decor

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Let us create an inspired plan for color and decorating guidance for any room in your home. You’ll receive up to two mood boards, complete with shopping links for the color and style of your furnishings, area rug, decorating accents, and paint colors. With MB Interior Design's brilliant professional guidance, you can gain experience and confidence decorating your beautiful new room.

Transform your child's sleepover into a magical event with our themed sleepover party packages in Charlotte, NC. Unforgettable memories start here!The Sleepover Studio is dedicated to creating the most enchanting and hassle-free sleepover party experiences for kids. Our team is committed to making every party unique and unforgettable by providing a wide range of themed sleepover party packages.

Visit our Costumes, Decor and More store where you'll find an extensive collection of outfits perfect for any occasion, from Halloween to themed parties. Explore our unique designs and bring your character to life! Also explore our Decor & Props category, your ultimate destination for transforming any space into a spectacular scene. From festive decorations to realistic props, find everything you need to set the perfect stage for your event or party.

Don't settle for dull events, make them unforgettable with Qlikology's Photo Booths! We offer affordable 360 video and digital photo booth rentals in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas! Perfect for birthday parties, graduations, baby showers, anniversaries, Quinceañeras, Sweet 16s, and more, our 360 Photo Booths and Digital Selfie Stations provide endless entertainment and create cherished memories for your guests.

a man in a suit and tie sitting at a desk
a man in a suit and tie sitting at a desk

The Founder

Hello! I'm Marcus, The Force Behind Synchronicity Charlotte.

My passion for creating art extends beyond just painting and drawing. I enjoy expressing my artistic vision through home decor, art, and creating memorable experiences. Alongside my love for creative endeavors, I am also a skilled and certified master reiki practitioner. This unique combination of wellness and creativity has shaped my approach to all my ventures.

After training at the prestigious New York Institute of Art and Design, I developed a holistic and human-centered perspective. As the founder of Synchronicity Charlotte, I am dedicated to collaborating with you to transform your space and bring your vision to life.

Synchronicity Charlotte is a holding company for a diverse range of creative brands, including:

  • MBI-Designs: An interior design consulting firm.

  • Qlikology: A photo booth rental company.

  • The Sleepover Studio: Specializing in orchestrating sleepover parties with rental tents, mattresses, and themed items.

  • The Dress Up Store Costumes, Decor, and More: Offering online costumes, party decor, and supplies for seasonal events, cosplay, and local theaters. 

Whether it’s designing a room, decorating and planning your event, or providing costumes and party supplies, I am committed to shaping your environment in a way that reflects your individuality and personality. As the founder of Synchronicity Charlotte, I look forward to creating unique and memorable experiences for you.

Marcus Bradley
a lion head with the words dsa on it
a lion head with the words dsa on it
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a kitchen with a marbled counter top

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silver and crystal ball ball decors